Startup Travels: Juan Great Leap

Peter Cauton Juan Great Leap

Peter Cauton speaking to the attendees. He’s the Rock of JGL

Are you an entrepreneur yet? If you aren’t, you probably have been thinking about it these past few days or rather, these past few years. You know what, our advice is: just start.

I was graciously invited last Wednesday (August 29, 2012) by Peter Cauton to be a panelist for the second Juan Great Leap meetup. There me, Howard of MochiBits and Denton of HealthCube talked about our startup experiences, our biggest punches in the face and our one-liner advice for upcoming entrepreneurs.

I have to admit, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. It’s really an exciting space to be in right now, building a startup and I really encourage everyone to take the leap. If you’re not ready, start with a side project, a sideline or anything on the side but start something!

A bit about Juan Great Leap: it’s Peter’s own social startup of sorts (or rather a movement as he calls it) where he helps out other entrepreneurs discover the startup life. He won’t sugarcoat it for you though: building a business is lots of difficult work. That’s why communities like JGL are important–more often than not, you’ll be surrounded by people without the entrepreneurial mindset and you’ll need all the encouragement and help you can get.

I’ll be marking my calendar for the next startup event. Kudos Peter for the awesome time and fun gathering! May we help more founder find the startups they are meant for.

Fun fact: I was called a samurai (along with the other panelists) by Peter. Truly a great honor. *bows*

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