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Kimson Ridefind

Me and Kimson

I was at the WebGeek Dev Cup and caught up with a few founders on what they were up to. Kimson was one of the participants and I asked him a bit about how Ridefind is doing.

First, what’s Ridefind? It’s basically carpooling but on a wider scale since it uses the internet to match car drivers and owners with passengers. Settle the fee and other details and get a ride (and maybe a friend).

I know the big question for everyone using the site is security. They’ve really made this into a non issue. Ridefind has Facebook verification, ID verification, trust ratings and manual checks for everyone’s peace of mind. To add to these, they also plan to foster a real community to improve trust by adding forums and discussions.

Like most two-sided communities, often times it’s easy to grab people from one side while the other side is the one where the true challenge lies. So what they need right now are more car owners to join the site since there are already lots of passengers who want rides.

I think you should help them out by sending in your thoughts and feedback on how Ridefind can do better. You can even win a couple of tickets to a domestic destination while you’re at it. Sweet.

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