Startup Travels: Samurai Juan Meetup

Samurai Juan Meetup Dinner

A few days after the Juan Great Leap event, I was again honored by Marc Medina and invited to a Filipino-Japanese dinner where we would meet our nihonjin friends. It was a great meeting of minds where we got to learn about Japanese startups that had a presence locally and they learned about Filipino startups as well.

Taka-san of Adways¬†was our gracious host and it was great learning about the different companies of our Japanese friends like Jun who is helping Zynga and other companies maintain their social presence locally and Startup Weekend co-alumni Taku’s work in Research Panel Asia.

It’s always great meeting other entrepreneurs and certainly local founders who we only seem to see during events like these. As some of us joke, these events are our only social life since we’re all focused on our startups. Here’s to more collaboration between Japanese and Filipino startups. Kampai!


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