Is Your Website A Deal Closer?

How do you get people to pay attention to your website long enough for them to buy something? Every visitor reading your site has a hundred things on his mind, while doing a hundred different things on the side, with a hundred more things trying to get his attention at the same time. How do you compete with all that?

What you need to do is to grab him by the neck and say, "Hey buddy, eyes over here!" But how do you do that exactly?

Make Sexy Sales Copy

Selling requires the knowledge of the art of seduction. You should know when to tease, when to cajole, and when to go all the way. Your customers should see this sexiness in every sales letter you put out there.

Remember, what you write down should be worth the webpage it's printed on. It should have the appeal of the Forbidden Fruit and the urgency of breaking news. While good copy is like the little black dress that reels guys in, sexy copy seals the deal with drinks back at your place.

What Does Sexy Copy Do?

Lets your business stand out from the crowd with an alluring value proposition.
Keeps people interested in what you have to say, enough for them to follow you, subscribe to you or even send you a personal message.
Convinces them to buy.
Promotes your product for you through your grateful and satisfied customers.

Simply put, sexy copy is a deal closer. It makes the sale for you. To paraphrase John E. Kennedy, it is "salesmanship online." Sexy copy lets you focus on the more important things, like talking to customers and creating a great product, while it does all the selling for you.

How Do I Make My Copy Sexy?

It has to grab the attention of your customers. Remember, you only have 8 seconds to capture their interest, so you have to be quick and make an impact right from the start.
It must create a need, stir a desire, and spark their curiosity. Let your audience realize that your product is something that they can't live without now that they've discovered it.
It should be truthful and answers the reader's problem.
It should have a strong call to action. What would you have them do now that you've got them reeled in?
It needs to engage customers. In this era of social media, advertising has become a two-way street. If you want your customers to talk to and about you, you better talk with them first.

What you should do next is to try writing some sexy copy of your own. Writing sales copy is something every business founder should know. Your main job is to sell more, after all. Give it a go, let a few friends read it over and get them to give you some feedback.

But if you really can't write sales copy to save your life, or if you'd rather focus on the other parts of your business that you do best, then maybe you need a copywriting service to help you out.

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